• Evocation de Jacques Barchilon, Français Libre évadé par Gibraltar

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    "'Nicole Barchilon Frank: It’s A Small World After All… Shouldn’t We Act Like It

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    Well, my father illegally crossed the Straight of Gibraltar as a young man on a fishing boat under a tarp of fish. He was with one other young man, they were both fleeing Nazi-occupied Morocco to join up with the Free French Forces who had a large fleet ship in the port of Gibraltar. My father made it to that ship and joined the Free French Forces. He emigrated to this country after the war and that’s how I got here, although I was born in Paris. My father will turn 90 in Paris, while my 16-year-old son plays an Islamic Moroccan immigrant in a show in Barcelona. How could I not have my son be part of this story about crossing the Straight illegally and going to Marrakesh and Barcelona?


    La fiche de J. Barchilon : http://www.francaislibres.net/liste/fiche.php?index=53418

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    et decouvrir monsieur Barchilon sur cette vidéo d'une de ses conferences :




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